Cutco uses 440A in their kitchen knives, claiming to be the best, but it's far from it. "@type": "ImageObject", 10-24 ... Blade Material: 440c vs 154cm To sum up, if you desire to invest a super-high-quality knife without money consideration, feel free to pick the ones with the blade of the 14c28n. A recent thread made me look into 14C28N again. In my opinion VG10 takes one of the best edges you can get. However, for a lot of people, there are two big names that standout. Because of the 14c28n’s highest level of the hardness which will never have bad effects on the microstructure, you can find even the toughest requirements for the steel. The closer to 20 points the “better” the steel. Re: Blade material: Sandvik 14C28N, VG10, 154CM, S30V? } Shooting Mystery is reader-supported. 14C28N is sort of a razor blade steel. Advantages: Toughness, edge retention. Christopher’s expertise in handling firearms and hunting gear are what propelled him to create the Shooting Mystery blog. They're pretty comparable in performance, however I find 14C28N more pleasant to live with. Then, the buyers sometimes all misunderstanding about the quality. What it is: 14C28N is a Sandvik stainless steel commonly used in razors and kitchen knives. Now, it is time to apply this information on both Sandvik 14c28n and 8cr13mov. Martensitic is a specific type of stainless steel alloy. These are the essential questions which we’ll address firsthand. 14C28N. However, up to now, its popularity has not stopped climbing. If you find any U.S made Benchmade in 440C steel, that's discontinued so you might want to get the new version instead. You can use this chart to try to find the best steel for you. Then, the answer will let you know which steel you need to pick. 14C28N im Vergleich. Sandvik is well known for their tight tolerances. The blade of a knife can be made from a variety of materials, the most common being carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel and alloy steel.Other less-common materials used in knife blades include: cobalt and titanium alloys, ceramics, obsidian, and plastic. My humble opinion is that the treatment of the steel and design of the blade matter most. ", "", The knife seekers know about it as a cheap product with reasonable features. What are their outstanding features? Some of them may outperform the other. However, because VG10 has this minute amount of carbon, as well as minuscule amounts of chromium, molybednum, and cobalt, it contributes a chemical makeup that allows the knife to hold a superior edge. Thanks man the data is always useful but I trust the opinions of the guys over here too. Velmi kvalitní ocel vyšší kategorie s tvrdostí 58-62HRC. VG10 is more wear resistant, but tends to roll over, which hurts cutting performance just like wear/blunting does. Then, the balance among hard-condition resistance and strength will be available all the time. By using many knives for years, I see that in term of the cutting performance, different blades from one types of steel do not necessarily have the same quality. "description": "If you're looking for great tactical knives, this Sandvik 14c28n vs 8cr13mov comparison article is a great place to start for beginners and pros alike! Hence, many of the best EDC Fixed blade knives are created with such steel, especially for the purposes of hunting, fishing and outdoor activities in general. "url": "" I like those rather toothy/biting edges S30V or D2 sharpen up to. 05-12-2009, 06:36 PM #2. "", There are tons of stories about this. And, of course, the knife’s heart also has a specific target. Hence, we only know through the publish and do not make sure that the products are as good as the advertisement. It is a stainless steel with a high carbon content containing 1% Carbon, 15% Chromium, 1% Molybdenum, 0.2% Vanadium, and 1.5% Cobalt.. 14C28N VS VG10. The manufacturers always ensure these elements through a strict treatment of heating. Designers create them for specific purposes. } The grade of steel, as well as how it's made, determines everything from the blade's hardness and durability to its ability to take and hold a sharp edge and its corrosion resistance. In the past, it is only Kershaw/ Kai who cares about such material and brings it into the cutlery process. Such technique also lets us know that even an inexpensive type of steel can be upgraded thanks to the heating treatment. There are a lot of things that can decide whether a knife is good for you or not. After spending most of his career as a firearms expert and instructor in Nebraska, he retreated to the great outdoors to enjoy retirement. 14c28n European steel company Sandvik produces 14C28N, a non-powder metallurgy steel. Learn more. - Not too good to begin with, and haven't seen anyone lately using them for the good kitchen knives. "keywords": ["14c28n vs 8cr13mov"], "", Hi everyone. VG10 Steel cutting edge is hard(HRC : 61) and very sharp. QuoteGuycep;1526589A little while back I was asked to take a look at a new steel from Sandvik...14C28N. Thanks to Phil Wilson for become a Knife Steel Nerds Patreon supporter. The blade is the best way to know how well the knife can perform in different situations. }, What Is VG10 Steel? Transform your studio at a fraction of the cost. See why our authentic, approachable DIY equipment is second to none. Hence, the term of “the best blade steel” seems to get wrong. An alternative to r/knives. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. CPM-S30V has become one of the most used premium steels on the market among knife manufacturers. 10Cr15CoMoV(GB) - Appears to be Chinese GB standard name, equivalent of the Takefu VG-10 stainless steel.Can't find in any official source, but as far as name coding goes it matches Takefu VG-10 steel, plus on Amazon and couple other places 10Cr15CoMoV is used interchangeably with VG-10.Trying to get some kind of confirmation from Chinese sources, so far no dice. "@context": "", Don't hesitate to buy a knife in Sandvik steel, but understand that you're likely buying a budget knife. Why Steel Grade Matters . Thanks to the chemical optimization, it presents for a new generation of hardness, excellent performance and wearing resistance as well. Moreover, despite not as high as the Sandvik 14c28n, the 8cr13mov’s hardness is still 56-59 HRC – an acceptable level. According to the knowledge from the providers, the 14c28n shows a better hardness which is 55-62 HRC while only 56-59 HRC is for the other. "",

14c28n vs vg10

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