Portuguese Genealogical Word List 1. “This website is an index to 17 websites focused on research in Poland. To our knowledge, this is the most exhaustive list available on an important but often overlooked aspect of genealogy. Church records are the most important sources of genealogical information available for German research. If you have any links you would like added, please use our contact page to let me know. We invite any person interested in researching their Germanic heritage to join the German Genealogy Group and share experiences with those who range from beginners to professional genealogists. This website is an index to seventeen websites focused on researching German … As an experienced German genealogy translator, I provide you with high-quality German to English translations. German Genealogy Records and Databases on the Internet. For more common genealogy terms in German, along with their English translations, see German Genealogical Word List at FamilySearch.com. A note of caution, many (most) of these linked pages are in German; put on your German language ‘hat’ or use Google Translate! In both German and Latin records, there have been various ways to explain the same information. ), ManyRoads Creator, Professional Genealogist, Family Historian, ManyRoads Podcast co-host, Old Guy and most importantly 'opa'. It currently has 53 databases with indexed information gathered from original documents. The list of websites corresponds with a map of… frühneuhochdeutsch (ca. These links also appear on our links page (and are updated as new links are discovered. To find records in the FamilySearch Catalog, do a "place search" for the village or place you are looking for. If labeled “BYU campus” then it is available anywhere on BYU campus, but not remotely. - military min. B (abbreviation) black, indicating race. Scribes used abbreviations and symbols to save time, space, and money. German Genealogy Pointers. Some abbreviations of occupations are self evident. ... a German word meaning peasant or … LostShoeBox.com. Terms, occupations, and more change over time. - Christian Xty. ManyRoads offers professional, personalized services. These are my favorite German translation websites for genealogy (and yes, I use them myself): Wordmine.info: This is a great site for transcribing German genealogy documents, especially if you can only recognize some of the letters in a … Ehefrau wife ehel. Web. Most provable lineages, outside of noble ones, rarely can be traced back further than the early church records. Their documents, letters, reports and emails are full of long words crammed into little spaces, or of the same words repeated over and over again. 2. v. – “von” (from). - Christianity French Word List French is used in some records of Alsace-Lorraine (Elsass-Lothringen). Contact Us! - mile; miles MIA - Missing in Action mil or milit. 25 Milestone Words for Finding Your German Ancestor. Thanks for reading this week’s blog. . ehelich legitimate eod. Many of these terms and abbreviations are not in common use today… so hopefully these lists will help ‘clear’ some confusion. 4) German Genealogy Group was created to provide support in researching Germanic ancestors outside Germany and has a focus on the New York area. © 2005- 2020 eirenicon llc. - Christ Xtian. Help with possibly obsolete German word 'Vegräbnit' and abbreviations 'yl' 'Fran' & 'lt' or 'it' (in obituary) asked May 22, 2019 in Genealogy Help by Susannah Rolfes G2G5 ( 5.7k points) german_roots ebenda at the same place Ehefr. As a group we are focused on German genealogy; however, our databases encompass ALL nationalities and are always free to search. Look for topics such as "church records" and "civil registration," but always look at every topic to see what kinds of … A couple of things to note: A note of caution, many (most) of these linked pages are in German; put on your German language ‘hat’ or use Google Translate! Share Flipboard Email Print Hbf. More Americans trace ancestors to German-speaking parts of Europe than anywhere else. German English; err(errechnet) approximated: geb. […] 2 Dec. 2020. 2. It only takes a minute to sign up. The gender of a noun is indicated by der (masculine), die (feminine), and das (neuter), which translates as "the." Offers tips for deciphering old German script. Our guide debrief you on the basic abbreviations you'll need to forge ahead in your ancestor hunt. Possession is indicated as follows: 1) die Tochter des Johann Bachs means “the daughter of Johann Bach”, or 2) Johanna, Heinrich Messerschmidts means “Johanna, daughter of Heinrich Messerschmidt”. Abbreviations.com. Variant Forms of Words In German, as in English, the forms of some word… Many of the abbreviations that you come across in genealogy are fairly self-explanatory – ‘gt grandfather’ is your great-grandfather; ‘Fred’k Smith’ is in fact Frederick Smith. Unless otherwise noted, these resources are available anywhere on the internet. Parish - Pfarrei, Kirchensprengel, Kirchspiel. 19 Most Common Abbreviations in German Genealogy. - monument inscription mi. 1. Frustrated with all those German abbreviations? FamilySearch Wiki has genealogical word lists for: 1. 19 of the most common with their meanings explained. Rabideau – Henss Family Histories & Genealogy. Do you need mentoring or help researching? is the abbreviation for "Hauptbahnhof", indicating the cities main train station. Word endings may vary, depending on the way the words are used in the sentence. X - a mark made by a person instead of a signature; Christ; Christian x ch. All nouns are classified as masculine, feminine, or neuter. German Genealogy German Church Records. The alphabet is the same ... German Church Records Abbreviations: Search billions of records on Ancestry.com First Name Last Name Search Danish Word List Danish is used in some records of Schleswig-Holstein. - mother; month mors. Genealogists love to abbreviate. In this handy reference list, we provide abbreviations for several hundred occupations. Dates are written in d/m/y or y/m/d formats, for example, 22/2/1789 or 1789/2/22. – “und” (and). 20 Tips for Deciphering Old German Handwriting. "BYU ... Read More → Find out how German abbreviations compare to their English counterparts. German Word List 2. We recommend going the list below to familiarize yourself with common first name abbreviations and then reference the list as required when searching for specific ancestors. Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! public announcement of an intended marriage, generally made in church. - Christian Xnty. - Christened Xr. 4. Compiled for the family researcher who needs to translate German-language documents, this specialized dictionary provides thousands of German terms associated with genealogy and defines them simply. 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STANDS4 LLC, 2020. (geboren) born: get. Introduction: In this article, Mary Harrell-Sesniak explains some of the old terms—many of them derived from Latin—that genealogists encounter during their family history research.Mary is a genealogist, author and editor with a strong technology background. MGH - Middle High German m.i. Others are not. Many of these terms and abbreviations are not in common use today… so hopefully these lists will help ‘clear’ some confusion. 3. (getauft) christened: … For success in research, careful attention must be paid in extracting details. errechnet approximated ev. This is the old German Scripth alphabet. - minister m-in-l - mother-in-law MLG - Middle Low German MLW - Military Land Warrant MM - abbreviation for Monthly Meeting of Society of Friends (Quakers) m.o. Roetting / Pollex / LOOK-foto / Getty Images German. As the article shows, useful information could be shortened. “German” ancestors may have come from Germany, but they also may have come from Austria, Switzerland, Alsace (part of France), much of what is now Poland, Luxembourg, southern Denmark, the present Czech Republic, or even a little bit of Russia. Throughout history, terms come and terms go—and thankfully for most people, archaic expressions disappear. If you are in the business of tracking down your German (Germanic) ancestors the following links may be of help to you. German Occupation Definitions - English Translations Compiled by: Nolan Altman, Edward Mitelsbach, and Kurt Friedlaender. eodem the same err. Polish Genealogical Word List 5. Top 9 German Translation Websites and Resources. Simply match up the abbreviation found in an old document with the list below. 1350 to 1650) Fr. Fürstentum principality ; territory of a prince or a princess fnhd. You can, also, support us by buying ManyRoads Bling? Genealogy & Family History Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for expert genealogists and people interested in genealogy or family history. "German." - Christian Xt. Evangelisch Evangelical, Protestant f. für for Fm. "BYU access" means that the item is accessible on BYU campus or remotely for logged-in BYU students and faculty. - Christianity Xped. Also included are common occupational prefixes and suffixes in German. A list of all BYU Family History Library Resources. Genealogical Data Communication (method of transferring genealogy files from one software program to another) GGG: German Genealogy Group – NY: Gen-Fed: Genealogical Institute on Federal Records (formerly NIGR, National Institute for Genealogical Records) GGIP: Genetic Genealogy in Practice (NGS book by Blaine Bettinger and Debbie Parker Wayne) GRIP Vocabulary History & Culture Pronunciation & … Protestant - Protestantisch, Protestant, Evangelisch, Lutherisch. Below, I’ve compiled a list for you of some of the most common genealogical abbreviations and their meanings: u. Genealogy Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations -B--B-b. This InfoFile lists nearly 1,500 occupations and occupational terms in German, with English translations. 3. b.v. – “beide von” (both from). (abbreviation) born. 1650) early High German ( abt. These links include old terms for professions, diseases, occupations, and more. This is often used when describing the residence of two people on a certificate , … - exchange Xn. - mustered out mo. Browse and search thousands of German Abbreviations and acronyms in our comprehensive reference resource. The German Word List includes symbols commonly used in German genealogical sources. banns. 1350 - ca. The dictionary covers thousands of German terms and defines them in single words or brief phrases. Old German Terms, Occupations, etc. German words for persons, places, and things (nouns) are always capitalized. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. In conjunction with a standard German-English dictionary, this work should enable the user to translate German documents. Each letter has an upper case version first followed by a lower case. This classification is called gender. German ebd. https://www.abbreviations.com/acronyms/GERMAN/2, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bayerischer Bergbau und Mineralgewinnungsbetriebe, Active Business Software Consultancy (Munich, Germany).
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