It works well in a hanging basket with a sandy soil, and you want it in an area that gets bright sunlight. Wandering Jew by G. Dawson / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, Also known as Wire Vine, this indoor vine plant is a native to New Zealand. Luckily, there are other plants that are easier to care for and also look great in a hanging planter. You can get leaf patterns that range from speckled or marbled to striped. It does best in full sun conditions, and this is a lateral vine with small thorns that will produce clusters of pink or yellow flowers. This ivy grows in both filtered sunlight and low-light conditions and it’s one of the best shower plants to keep in the bathroom. The foliage will lose some of the signature color if the lighting conditions are lower, but it will continue to grow. There are many species of Tradescantia plants, but all of them have fascinating foliage. This one grows in low to medium light but doesn't need much sun to thrive. Add a pole for support and let it climb. Under the correct conditions, indoor vine plants are very easy to grow and keep thriving for years to come. Hanging Basket Plants. COVID-19 Update to Customers Customers can shop with us in-store or online with our Click & Deliver or Drive & Collect services. Check out the best indoor hanging plants you can use for this purpose. starr-100411-4404-Ceropegia_woodii-in_pot by Forest and Kim Starr / CC BY 2.0. Species of Epipremnum aureum are also called golden pothos, devil’s vine, marble queen, money plant, and Ceylon creeper. Shop String of Hearts. So, growing in hanging baskets allows the long vines to dangle down elegantly. Watering hanging house plants Few house plants can tolerate waterlogged roots. Fiddle Leaf Fig: Has large, light green leaves with a slender, waxy, and dark foliage. How to Prune an Indoor Vine. These five beautiful vine-like plants are perfect for hanging indoors. They allow gardening in restricted spaces. The creeping nature of maidenhair vines and beautiful green foliage make these plants an excellent choice for an indoor vine. The best indoor vine plants and climbers can be used in hanging baskets, trained to climb, or just put in a pot on a high shelf. This climbing vine offers very thick and waxy leaves, and it gives you yellowish-white flowers that look like shooting stars. You can prune it to keep it to a manageable size, and you should add liquid fertilizer every month when it blooms. However, they may not bloom, and their colorful foliage could fade if the light is minimal. Houseplants bring a refreshing touch of nature inside. You can easily maintain these hanging houseplants with basic gardening tips. Your artificial hanging plant creates the appearance of … Once you’ve selected one, he also recommends keeping your level of access in mind. See more ideas about plants, house plants, indoor plants. The best indoor vine plants and climbers can be used in hanging baskets, trained to climb, or just put in a pot on a high shelf. As well as needing a sunny spot, they require thorough watering when the soil is partly dry. Growing in low light, you may have to prune leggy vines to improve its attractive appearance. Low to moderate light and plenty of humidity seem to be the best growing conditions to help the plant thrive. Swedish Ivy by premasagar / CC BY-NC 2.0, The Heartleaf Philodendron is an indoor vine plant that does very well in lower lighting conditions. (Which works amazingly well!) During the growing season, you can feed them once every two weeks to encourage fuller growth. Vining plants are the way to go. Houseplants add color and texture to a room, purify the air, and just look nice. The ‘Brasil’ variety has gorgeous gold-and-green variegated foliage, while ‘Micans’ sports purple flushed leaves with a satin-like texture. Hanging Tomato Plants to Ripen Indoors. In partnership with The Plant Food Company - Plant Care Made Simple You can trim and shape it as you like, and it should be in a space that gets bright but indirect sunlight. Having plants around makes everything feel lighter, brighter, and more alive. While these shade plants don’t need direct sunlight to survive, they do need indirect light (which can come from the smallest of windows.) Pothos. When your plants are on the ground you’re more likely to forget them. The leaves also have a very glossy shine, and this is a sun-shy plant that needs just enough water to stop the soil from completely drying out. It grows wonderfully indoors, and you’ll get triangular, glossy leaflets and thin, tangled stems as it grows. One of the best indoor vines you can grow is ivy. It’ll also bloom under fluorescent lighting. Not only beautiful, spider plants are good for your! The charming evergreen foliage help to add color to indoor living spaces even on dark winter days. These four beautiful vine-like plants are perfect for the indoors. Where space is tight look for trailing plants to spill over the edge of shelves, benches or even drip from hanging baskets suspended from the ceiling. This indoor vine plant will bloom with very fragrant white, blue, or violet flowers, and they make excellent focal points. As an indoor houseplant, ivies can provide lush green trailing foliage in any room. You don’t need a green thumb to keep these indoor hanging plants alive! There are a few main considerations to keep in mind when you look at indoor vine plants, including: The indoor vine plants on the list are all easy to grow, easy to maintain, and they provide bright focal points around your home. Woven Hanging Plant Basket. These indoor hanging plants range from varieties with leggy, trailing vines to picks with thick and rubbery foliage. It does best if you put it in a very humid place that isn’t directly by any heat source. Share on Google+. Product Type. Hanging basket house plants are fabulous displayed within certain areas of the … Hanging up an indoor garden is great idea for a number of reasons, the biggest being that it keeps your plants off the ground. Other types have stripy leaves that are dark green and light green. It can thrive just like a succulent cacti can, and it has very thin stems with rounded leaves that look like green pearls. It works well as a climbing vine or as a tabletop plant, and it needs very well-draining soil to thrive. Cut back in the winter and water less frequently when the temperatures drop. KingYH 2 Pack Artificial Hanging Vines Plants Plastic Fake Trailing Weeping Ivy Vine Greenery Drooping Plant for Wall Indoor Outside Garden Wedding Hanging Pot Basket Decoration 4.2 out of 5 … Persian ivy (Hedera colchica)—This ivy species has shiny leaves that tend to be heart-shaped or elongated oval. One, as a traditional hanging indoor plant, and the other as my experimental vertical garden. Some types of these trailing house plants have oval, lanceolate, or ovate-shaped leaves. Today I am sharing with you the steps to hanging houseplants from the ceiling, safely. However, Swedish ivy is an excellent houseplant if you want to grow an indoor vine plant without any fuss. One of the best indoor plant varieties, philodendron is very tolerant of dark interiors. By providing your plant with a good environment and the correct amount of water and nutrients, you can make sure that your indoor plant stays alive. Peperomias are one of the easiest indoor vine plants to grow in your home—and there are many trailing varieties to choose from. However, it’ll do well with normal indoor humidity levels. A different kind of this “ivy” plant—neon pothos—has bright neon-green leaves that are almost translucent. Also called sweetheart vine, rosary vine, or chain of hearts, this plant is also a type of vining succulent. Because it’s a spreading plant, the creeping fig looks bushy in a hanging basket with foliage cascading over the pot. Growing indoor vine plants can help bring the outside indoors, and a lot of the indoor vine plants you can get have air-purifying qualities. This is a climbing species that has green, large leaves in a fun heart shape. Visit us today for the widest range of Plants products. It can do well in a drought, but it needs sunlight. It’ll grow very long creeping vines that you can let cascade down or train to grow up along walls or moss-covered poles. Meet Scruffy by Quinn Dombrowski / CC BY-SA 2.0, This is a slightly more finicky indoor vine plant that has chubby, rice-like grains for leaves. Grow in a pot and let the vines spill over the container to cover a surface. Like all succulents, drainage is important, and it should be planted in soil specially mixed for cactus and succulents. You can place it in a bright spot with full sun, and it needs regular watering sessions when you notice that the soil is starting to dry out. Long creeping stems feature fuzzy, silvery green leaves in the shape of a tear. Japanese ivy (Hedera rhombea)—Another fast-growing type of climbing house plant. Fertilize it once every two years with phosphorus and potassium-rich fertilizers. It gives your space a green, live backdrop, and they can help improve your indoor air quality. Also, it’s recommended that you repot them every year to support a larger plant and further growth. Devil’s ivy is prized for its spectacular foliage. Betel leaf is a perennial climber plant with thin, heart-shaped leaves and a glossy appearance. String Of Pearls. This indoor vine plant works well if you’re someone who routinely forgets to water their plants as it likes the soil to stay mostly dry. It is quite adaptable to different light situations but thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. You’ll get a plant that has long green stems with eye-catching white flowers. Muehlenbeckia complexa by Jon Sullivan / CC BY-NC 2.0, This indoor vine plant is one of the easiest houseplants to grow that is low-maintenance. By providing your plant with a good environment and the correct amount of water and nutrients, you can make sure that your indoor plant stays alive. You can also train the plant to grow up moss poles or along walls. It can easily adapt to many light conditions. Put it in a spot that offers bright but indirect sunlight and water it moderately when you see the soil start to dry out. Put this vine in an area that gets indirect but bright sunlight, and prune the new sprouts from the plant to propagate them. Teddy bear vine is one of the most unusual indoor vine plants you can grow. Once you’ve selected one, he also recommends keeping your level of access in mind. To enjoy the fascinating colors on the delicate leaves, place the houseplant vine in a bright location. You’ll be able to take a look at my list, understand the growing conditions for each indoor vine plant, and see what it looks like to get an idea whether or not it would work well for you. How to hang a plant Like.? Humidity and temperature—Vining houseplants and climbing indoor plants thrive in average room temperatures. It offers green foliage that offsets the tiny white flowers, and it grows best if you plant it in soil that drains very well. Plants like ferns and pothos match perfectly with the look of woven baskets. This plant likes to have spells of water where you keep around half of the soil dry. So I always let mine dry out at least two weeks without watering. Jasmine by Ken Bosma / CC BY 2.0, The Wandering Jew is an indoor vine plant that does very well in smaller container gardens. KASZOO 84Ft 12 Pack Artificial Ivy Garland Fake Plants, Vine Hanging Garland with 80 LED String Light, Hanging for Home Kitchen Garden Office Wedding Wall Decor, Green 4.3 out of 5 stars 6,032 $16.85 $ 16 . It requires no direct sunlight when you grow it inside, and this allows you to move it around the house. These draping indoor plants create a stunning waterfall effect as the thin thread stems dangle down. Share on Twitter. At the Indoor Plant Shop, we work hard to deliver healthy & attractive indoor plants to your beautiful home or office space. Too much water will kill this plant. Lawn & Garden; 18 Plants Perfect for Hanging Baskets No matter how small your garden, there's always room for hanging plants. Tropical houseplants also adapt well to low-light or shade. Indoor plants are great for creating a more welcoming room in your house. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Indoor Hanging Plants 11 results. This climber has large, green heart-shaped leaves that have a glossy shine to them. 18 Plants Perfect for Hanging Baskets No matter how small your garden, there's always room for hanging plants. You’ll usually see the zebra-type species of this plant that offers purple and green stripes, and the undersides of the leaves are a deep purple coloring. Two newer varieties offer colorful foliage. This plant does not like to be moist! How to propagate String of Hearts: Propagate with water, soil, tubers, or simply by placing a fallen leaf in potting mix. It likes very bright sunlight, so hanging it by a south-facing window is a good pick. Although arrowhead vines thrive in bright filtered sunlight, the darker leafed varieties can grow well in shaded, low-light areas. Growing indoor vine plants can help bring the outside indoors, and a lot of the indoor vine plants you can get have air-purifying qualities. It looks dramatic when it drapes down over shelving or the basket ledge. Where helpful to the reader, some posts may contain links to products. Artificial Plants Vines Ferns Persian Rattan Fake Hanging Plant Faux Hanging Boston Fern Flowers Vine Outdoor UV Resistant Plastic Plants for Wall Indoor Hanging Baskets Wedding Garland Decor-2 pcs 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,485 The sun-shy houseplants need watering just enough to prevent the soil from drying out. shocker). Black-eyed Susan vine is an excellent vining houseplant if you want green foliage and bright yellow or orange flowers. Perfectly suited to your porch, patio, arbor or deck, our collection of artificial hanging plants, vines, bushes and baskets will be a refreshing addition to the setting. I hope you’ll get one or two and experience the feeling of life they add to your space! One of the more versatile indoor hanging plants, the pothos is one of the houseplants that can purify and clean the air. Ficus_pumila-leaves-Kula_Botanical_Garden-Maui by Forest and Kim Starr / CC BY 2.0, Many people won’t think of an indoor vine plant when they think of the Black Eyed Susan, but this vine is native to Africa. Aiming to achieve the indoor jungle look? It has high air purifying abilities, and it likes to be root bound in smaller pots. It likes resting and higher humidity during the winter months, and it likes a highly organic soil that is rich in micronutrients and iron. $13.99 $ 13. When growing jasmine as an indoor vine plant, place it near a south-facing window. All are extremely easy to grow and great for beginners and need a moderate amount of light to... 2. These indoor window planters are the perfect size for mini herbs, and ensure that the plants get the light they need. With Kranz's help, we've identified the best indoor hanging plants that can thrive in mid- to low-light spaces, including varieties that don't require constant watering. You should repot it at least once a year since it grows so quickly. Clematis by manuel m.v. Pothos is a popular low light plant that is perfect for beginners. Since moving to a house with a basement three years ago, I have been experimenting with hanging whole tomato vines before the frost to ripen indoors. The thick appearance is due to its tangled growth habit. To create an eye-catching plant feature, hang a Tradescantia with purple foliage in a hanging basket. Ivy—Cascading over the sides of pots, ivy is one of the most popular indoor plants with running vines. By Arricca Elin Sansone It has high air purifying abilities, and it likes to be root bound in smaller pots. It has very well-draining soil that is very rich, and you should put it in a place that gets bright but indirect sunlight. They usually perk right back up. Although this plant originally grows on the ground in some parts of Africa, string of pearls is also a beautiful hanging plant. Generally, household air is too dry for most common vine/climber plants. The soil should dry out after three or four watering sessions before you water it again. The brightly-colored yellow and green leaves brighten up any living space. KASZOO 84Ft 12 Pack Artificial Ivy Garland Fake Plants, Vine Hanging … Swiss Cheese Vine – Monstera Adansonii. ... Swiss Cheese Vine – Monstera adansonii. Related: 14 Elegant Hanging Planters for Urban Homes. 7 Comments. If you notice the leaves turning brown, remove any dead foliage and cut back on watering it. You can mix and match different types of indoor vine plants to create a serene and calming environment, and I’m going to give you several examples. Heartleaf Philodendron. Plenty of bright light is the crucial care requirement of creeping figs. Bougainvillea by Robert Wallace / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Share on LinkedIn. Common Indoor Vine Plants There are a number of indoor climbing plants on the market. Here are some of the more common indoor vine plants: Philodendron – One of the most common comes from the large Philodendron genus, amongst which there are 200 species with some climbing varieties and some non-climbing. 9. You’ll get a green and leafy appearance that offers arrowhead-shaped leaves. To encourage growth, pinch off vine tips after flowering to prevent leggy stems growing. All species of indoor ivy vines look good draping from hanging baskets or climbing vertically up trellises or moss poles. Syngonium_podophyllum-leaves by Forest and Kim Starr / CC BY 2.0, This indoor vine plant is one of the best hanging plants to have in your home due to how easy it is to grow and care for. It will grow all year-round. It actively grows in spring and fall, and it goes dormant in the winter. Tips for Choosing An Indoor Hanging Plant . Hlo.. Guys… Its my new gardening ideas….. Pvc pipe diy ideas…. Indoor hanging plants are a simple way to keep small children and pets out of your plants. String-of-hearts is another indoor trailing plant with dainty thread-like stems and heart-shaped leaves. These Unique Indoor Plants in Hanging Baskets Ideas are perfect for you. Better known as Devil’s Ivy, this is ranked as one of the easiest plants to keep alive. It needs frequent watering, and you can watch the leaves to get an indicator of the plant’s health. At the Indoor Plant Shop, we work hard to deliver healthy & attractive indoor plants to your beautiful home or office space. With long, thin leaves arching gracefully over containers, the spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) makes a great hanging plant. They need cool fall temperatures to develop flowering buds that eventually bloom in February. If you live in warmer climates, this is an excellent creeper plant for groundcover. So, increase humidity by misting the leaves regularly. However, it’s relatively easy to grow and propagate. To eliminate crowded shelves and tabletops, try hanging your houseplants. You’ll get a plant that has long green stems with eye-catching white flowers. Filter. Growing beautiful vine plants or climbing house plants helps to bring the outside indoors. The spectacular foliage looks dramatic, draping from hanging baskets or over the edge of a shelf. These ideas add character and feeling through their simple form. In the picture: Peperomia rotundifolia ‘Trailing Jade’. Here’s a list of the different ways you can create a hanging indoor garden. You should moderately water the plant, but you do want to let the top inch of soil dry out between watering sessions. You should water this plant once a week and put it in a place that gets medium lighting. This is an edible vine that is nontoxic to people and animals, and it offers green, heart-shaped leaves with pretty white flowers. Indoor Gardening Ideas|Pvc pipe Diy|Hanging Plants. Or, let the climbing vine grow up a trellis or moss pole. It does well as an indoor hanging plant as well as outdoors, over rocks in a rock garden. You should prune it regularly when it matures to keep it looking tidy, and make a point to water it regularly. You’ll have to routinely prune this plant to keep it in check since it grows so quickly. During the spring and summer months when it’s actively growing, apply a liquid fertilizer once a month. One of the beauties of having black-eyed Susan plants in a hanging basket is that you can hang them outdoors in the summer. Leaf patterns can be striped, marbled, or speckled. These common names describe the thin, wiry foliage that grows densely into a small bushy plant. Keep away from cold drafts, hot radiators, or direct sunlight. Algerian ivy (Hedera canariensis)—Also called Canarian ivy, this climbing plant has broad, glossy, dark green leaves. Creeping fig—This houseplant has long, trailing vine-like stems and grows in most conditions. Also called inch plants or spiderwort, the wandering Jew is another easy-to-grow trailing houseplant. Indoor hanging plants like spider plant, wandering jew, Boston fern, purple passion vine, and begonia add a scenic beauty to every room. The other common name for Senecio rowleyanus is string-of-beads. If you notice dead leaves, prune them immediately before it spreads to the rest of the plant. ... Any dark foliaged vine will match perfectly with a light-colored hanging pot. £7.99 £ 7. They have lovely, variegated green leaves and fill out a hanging planter beautifully.The baby plants drop down, perfect for hanging. Product Type. 99. Ponder on to know some popular indoor hanging plants. For instance, a large Boston Fern looks amazing hanging from the ceiling, but it needs your care and attention, and lots of humidity. Must check out! It’s a great pick if you want something that is very easy to maintain, and you’ll get smaller green leaves in the shape of an oval with it and scalloped edges. Indoor Hanging Plants 11 results. May 04, 2020 3:00am Indoor plants add warmth, colour and life to our homes. Some variegated types of pothos have large yellow and green leaves. You can easily place string of hearts on a high shelf because the trailing vines hang down 6 to 13 ft. (2 – 4 m). All of... 3. Hanging planters are perfect for … Suction them to the window. This indoor vine plant is native to India and it produces heart-shaped leaves that look like they... 3- Black-Eyed Susan Vine. Two newer varieties offer colorful foliage. ... it is a succulent vine whose trailing stems produce pairs of heart-shaped leaves and pretty, tubular pink flowers. Easy to Care for Hanging Plants. This indoor vine plant is one of the best hanging plants to have in your home due to how easy it is to grow and care for. Erbse am Band (Senecio rowleyanus) by Maja Dumat / CC BY 2.0, There are over 100 species of this indoor vine plant, but English Ivy is the most common. Light—Generally, houseplants grow best in bright light where they are protected from direct sunlight. It absorbs and strips toxins, like formaldehyde, which is present in cushions and carpets. If you get it right, you can easily brighten up your home’s interior while keeping your plants thriving and growing for years to come. Other common names of the plant also refer to its leaf shape—goosefoot or arrowhead vine. Click on image to view plant details. Wisteria by Henning Follmann / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, Creeping figs are one indoor vine plant that makes a gorgeous wall covering indoors, or you can create a focal point by putting it into a container. Indoor hanging plants like spider plant, wandering jew, Boston fern, purple passion vine, and begonia add a scenic beauty to every room. Jasmine is a vine plant that you can grow indoors—although it is somewhat trickier to grow than other indoor climbing plants. In fact, many of these plants can be harmed by direct sunlight, so be sure you place them in a place where they aren’t too close to a window with direct light. String-of-pearls is a type of succulent that grows bead-like leaves on thin dangling vines. Below, Satch provides 10 indoor hanging plants suggestions, which include details to help pet owners, over-waterers, and neglectful owners, decide which greenery is best for them. Put it in a space that gets bright but indirect sunlight, and you want to apply fertilizer once a month during the spring, summer, and fall months. Also called the pepper leaf plant, the vining plant is native to India. Water indoor vine plants thoroughly until water drains from the pot. As a bonus, you don’t have to be a professional gardener with a host of tools either. Put it in a hanging basket away from areas where people can touch it, and water it every time the soil gets completely dry. The Ficus pumila is the smallest of the ficus plants and one of the few vining varieties. Foliage Plants. Since there are so many indoor vine plants available, knowing which ones go nicely together and which ones are easier to grow is an important key to your success. Share on Facebook. It likes to be in a humid and bright environment, and the soil should drain very well between watering sessions. Black-eyed Susan vine by Dwight Beers / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, While this indoor vine plant isn’t traditionally attractive, there is something very charming about it that makes it popular. They work well in hanging baskets that allow them to drop gracefully down toward the floor. Morning Glory / Ipomoea. This hanging basket plant is not a real ivy and isn’t native to Sweden. Place the container in a bright spot, water when the soil is partly dry, and mist occasionally. Flexible Twig Basket for Small Plants It’s a type of vining succulent, and it comes in a large range of color combinations. Other than being a colorful decoration, indoor plants can also purify the air, improve your health, and help increase your focus. You should trim the plant regularly and cut it short to allow for even growth, and you can feed them twice a month with a liquid fertilizer.